Printable Kit

Email to host an onsite visit for your community to see the full presentation “An Introduction to CWSC: Serving our Communities.” In the meantime, here are some printable tools you can use to help share CWSC with your local community. Just click and print the PDFs.*

CWSC Letter of Introduction
Who we are and how we came to be…

CWSC Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles
How we accomplish the work…

About the CWSC (Tri-Fold, Dbl-Sided Brochure)
A pamphlet offering a brief overview of CWSC…

The Model Communities National Resource Directory
A Call for Skill-Based Excellence & Community Service…

Volunteer Resource Registration Form
You are a valued resource to our national intelligentsia…

Issues on the Front Burner
A brainstorming tool to share your ideas…

CWSC Orientation
A Model of Community Excellence…

The St. Louis Draft

A Summary of Discussions on Our Model Community Vision…

* If you experience difficulty accessing the above adobe documents, please do a google search to download a free adobe document reader. Contact us if you still experience problems.

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